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cooking_club's Journal

The Unofficial Livejournal Cookbook
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To seek and give advice about cooking, recipes, ideas and sharing.

This community has been created for those who love to cook. Feel free to talk about anything that you've tried or are thinking about doing. This place is about learning, sharing and enjoying. All we ask is you be polite and courteous to others.
1. If you have a new thing that your really enjoyed making, well, brag about it! And I don't mean an "OMG it was so good!" post, I would like to see what you've made. As I'm sure others would to. But it doesn't man you have to.

2. Please, please PLEASE put complete recipes under a cut. I know there's some things that are simple a three step meal, but if your posting your own version of paella, slap it under a cut.

3. TAG IT! I want to get people to tag their posts so some of the newer (and older) folks can find other topics that relate to what they're looking for. Just something simple like Chicken, Pork, Saffron, Celery, etc. Right now, I'll try to find a way to modify the community page a little bit better so the tag process can be a little more obtainable.

4. Be nice. I'm by no measure a mommy. So far, you all have been fabulous to one another. I just need to make it a rule to counter the drama.

5. Speak up if you have an idea. I want this place to be fun and be interactive, hence that's what a community is by definition. We'll do things like 'Leftover Days' or other on the spot specials that'll go for a week. Just fun things to get those juices cooking. No pun.

"Life itself is a proper binge!" Julia Child