Amazing Homemade Bagels!

They're so easy and fun to make, and I guarantee these are the best bagels you will ever have. Store-bought bagels will never taste the same. And I swear they have healing properties, which is why I'm making them today despite being sick.

Bagels!! (Makes 8)

* 1 package active-dry yeast
* 1 1/2 cups water, lukewarm
* 3 Tablespoons sugar
* 1 Tablespoon salt
* 4 cups all-purpose flour
* 1 tablespoon molasses

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[EXTRA NOTE: I combined parts of this recipe from various online recipes, with my own modifications thrown in.]
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Baaww Advice (Iroh)
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Pork Sirloin

So I'm planning on going over to my friends house on Sunday, and he's decided to make this Pork Sirloin that he's had in the freezer. It's 4.5lbs.

Would this make a good roast? I've honestly never heard of a Pork Sirloin until today...so if someone could please tell me the best way to cook it that would be awesome <3

Any tips or advice on the matter would be helpful!

Chai Tea Cookies, anyone?

     I recently discovered an adoration for cookies & Chai tea (a mix of spices- generally Red Bush, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamon, Cloves, Black Pepper, bit of Citrus, etc), so here's the two smushed together. Bit of a hit-and-miss recipe but hope it works for you.

     First melt 100g butter and grind up a heaped tablespoon of loose Chai. Throw the Chai in the butter and keep it on a really low heat for about half an hour so the flavour of the tea infuses through the butter. While that's doing, measure out the other ingredients- 100g sugar, 150g flour, 1 egg, a few milk chocolate chips if you want them.
     Once the butter's done, sieve out the chai tea bits so you don't have loads floating about in the cookies (a little's fine, it depends how picky your audience is). Then the butter needs to cool for about an hour, which is a bit annoying but necessary. Blog in the meantime.
     I found that about half the butter was either absorbed by the tea or bubbled off while it was on the heat, so you might have to top it up with regular butter so you have 100g in total. Cream this together with the sugar, then add in your flour and chocolate. Mix this all together well before adding your egg and stirring it all up, then dollop it out on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake it for 15-20 minutes. They taste pretty good dunked in milk or just on their own, best while still warm though.


Finally a successful granola recipe...all of my very ownl.  I've tried others recipes for granola and it never turns out the way I like.  So I tried my own experiment the other day.    I combined gluten free oats with agave nectar and slivered almonds.  Coating the oats and almonds.  I do not measure....I just eye it. I oil a cookie sheet just coating it.  I spread the mixture onto the cookie sheet.  I put it in a preheated 300 degree oven.  I cook for 20 minutes...take it out and stir and respread the mixture.  I cook for approximately another 10-15 minutes...just until it browns.  I do not cook till it is hard.  Just a big of a crunch.  It turned out awesome.  I've made 3 batches this week and we've all devoured it. 

Finally a gluten free granola that I can eat and great on the budget!!!

Chicken Parmigiano - from Elana Amsterdam

Another cooking adventure from this past week.  My family has enjoyed themselves this week other than going out in the artic blast.

I created a recipe from Elana's Amsterdam's website: elanaspantry.com

I bought ingredients for this recipe only from memory...unfortunately I bought parmesan cheese instead of mozerella.  My mistake!  I decided we were going to continue as planned and use the parmesan cheese.  It turned out to be a cooking lessons for our girls.  Our 8 yearold, EJ, dipped the chicken in the eggs and then in the mixture (I have not yet purchased the blanched almond flour).  I used rice crumps (because it is what I had on hand).  My two little munchkins had a blast dipping and frying chicken.  

It was so colorful and smelled soooo gooodddd!  I put in on the table and I heard oohhh and aaaahhhssss.    It was soooo delicious.  My husband raved!!!  I even took some to work for dinner.  Yum!!!!!  Yum!!!!

check out Elana's website for more information. elanaspantry.com

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Kiwi with cream

 Hi to all.
Sorry for my english, I'm not good at it yet.
I saw many interest recipes here and I couldn't resist from this.
This is easy but very tender dessert with nice taste.
You need for it:
1) Whipped cream
2) Marshmallow
3) Kiwi 
Firstly, you need to put some whipped cream on your dish/plate or may be in bowl. After that pieces of marshmallow are puts on cream, and then again cream. Next you put kiwi's pieces on top and again cream. If plate was used for this then that's all, you can decorate dish. If you use bowl then you can put some other layers of ingredients. And, of course, after every layer of cream you need smooth out dish.

Enjoy your meal!


P.S. Sorry for my english.

Cherry O! Big Thanks to Elana Amsterdam!!! You Rock!

It seems like forever since my last blog.  I was stuck at Panera Bread yesterday for over 4 hours with the brilliant (ok not so brilliant) idea of dowloading my new windows 7.  After the first hour...wondering why it was taking sooooo long...I think look at the instructions "oh yeah" instructions.   Yikes!  I then read where it may take "several hours."   I wanted to melt into my shoes like a melting snowman!!!
So needless to say...the work I had planned to work on...is now happening today.  So here I am again...this time with a computer that I can actually use!  So here's the scoop.  I created Elana Amsterdam's awesome creation of Cherries, Chicken and Kale.  Yes Kale!  You can find a picture and her recipe from her website elanaspantry.com.  Check it out.  My 8 year old reminded later that I had forgotten to take a picture.   You can find a beautiful picture on Elana's site with her recipe.  I don't think my pictures would quite as beautiful as hers anyway.

I placed the chicken, kale and cherries on a beautiful serving dish...set it on the table.  I thought it looked like a creation for a high class resturant.   I thought it looked so inviting.  Others at home did not.  Then...then...each one took their first bite.  I couldn't keep up with cutting chicken for my young ones and even my mother, is very picky...said it was awesome and asked for more. 

Thanks Elana for another amazing recipe.  This recipe is definately a keeper.  It was an easy recipe!!

Bon appetit!!
Bobby Flay

Chili - My Way *Kinda*

So I found this really great sounding recipe for Bean and Corn Chili on Crock Pot's official site, CrockPot.com

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Now there are few things in the original recipe I don't care for *whole tomatoes cut up, and celery for example*, so I modified a few things a bit and tweeked the recipe to my liking and to what we have in the house at the time.

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Garlic and onion steamed Cherrystone Clams and Crayfish with sherry cream sauce.

This is an easy recipe you can use for hors d'oeuvres or as a meal. I wanted to serve it with something other than drawn butter, so I used a cajon seasoned sherry cream sauce instead.

The clams and the crayfish are the easiest part. Just use a steam pot to cook your crayfish and clams. Throw a couple tablespoons of butter on top, and chop up some fresh garlic and onion to throw into the mix as well. Steam until the cherrystones open up.

The sauce is just as easy. In a sauce pan, melt about 2 or 3 tablespoons of butter on high heat. Reduce to medium heat, and add about a 1/2 cup of cooking sherry, and a half cup of light cream. Let this simmer and reduce until the sauce begins to thicken. Season with celery salt, garlic, paprika, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Add a little parmesean to help thicken the sauce a little more, and use chopped basil as a garnish. Serve with lemon wedges.